Lisa Upside Down is a scripted comedy podcast about a woman and her messy failing marriage, her over involved-oversexed parents, her teenage son on the brink of manhood, her favorite always dying Aunt and some random pot smoking dudes that help Lisa put her life back together… sort of.

welcome to the first three episodes with many more to come



Lisa is played by Lisa Orkin

Hilary is played by Anna Mathias

Bunny(Lisa’s Mom) is played by Sheryl Bernstein

Dick(Lisa’s Dad) is played by Roger Scott

Dave is played by Ron Orbach

Armand is played by Robbie Rist




Max is played by Brady MacDougall

Marci is played by Megan Molloy

Jerry is played by Jerry Hauser

Aunt Rose is played by Becky Bonar

Kyle is played by Chris Bonno



The Giant, Reporter, God, Barista, Mick are all played by Terry Evans

Expert, Linda are both played by Ella James

Temple Assistant by Warner Monroe

Oprah, Witch, Hospital Receptionist are all played by Sheryl Bernstein


Lisa Orkin

Line Producer

Lisa Orkin & Becky Bonar


Andrew Meisner, Evan


& Cat Blankard


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