Comedy With Stretch Marks

I tell stories about love, children, divorce, aging, aging parents, periods, menopause, shoes, awkward sex, dating after 50, popcorn, viagra, grown children and popcorn.

This is my life, it needs to be funny.

My Podcasts

Lisa Upside Down is a fully scripted dramedy about divorce, sex, and motherhood. 

Honestly Lisa is the Poo P00 Platter of my life… it’s ever-evolving. It started interviewing men about feelings and now it’s my talking to my dead parents. 

Love Bites’ are mini romantic comedies based on conversations from my love life.

I have real conversations with famous people played by my friends.

Don’t ever ask someone if they’re pregnant unless you see a leg hanging out between their legs.

My nail lady looked in my eyes when she massaged my hands today. It felt so intimate I started to giggle.

When I was eighteen, I got a tattoo of Janis Joplin on my hip. When I got pregnant, Janis grew and grew and grew, then snapped back. Now she looks like a sad Woody Allen.

I have to work so hard not to fart when I sneeze.

Is it wrong when I see a nice guy my age and wonder how healthy his wife is?

I wonder if my cat likes me, or is that a reflection of how I feel about myself?