Lisa Orkin’s Comedy With Stretch Marks

I tell stories funny, messy stories about love, children, divorce, aging, aging parents, periods, menopause, shoes, awkward sex, dating after 50, popcorn, viagra, grown children and popcorn.

This is my life, it needs to be funny.


Flappers Burbank

March 15, 2024 

D- Cups Of Comedy

March 19th 2024 

At State Social House, Hollywood

Lysistrata Comedy Festival

Thursday, April 4th 7:00 PM

Rozco’s Comedy Club

Sunday, April 7th  7:30 PM

ColdTowne Theater

My Podcasts

Lisa Upside Down is a fully scripted dramedy about divorce, sex, and motherhood. 

Honestly Lisa is the Poo P00 Platter of my life… it’s ever-evolving. It started interviewing men about feelings and now it’s my talking to my dead parents. 

Love Bites’ are mini romantic comedies based on conversations from my love life.

I have real conversations with famous people played by my friends.