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creative for the ears



Did you know there’s 15,000,000,008-ish ears in the world? And those ears belong to people waiting to hear your story.

And my job is to make sure they do hear your story.

Lisa Orkin Creative

creative for the ears

 Podcast Development, Promos, Trailers, Intros, Strategy & Consulting

Small Business to Big Business let’s tell the World your Brand Story.

Audio Fiction we have you covered too… theatre of the mind is our happy place.

Located in Los Angeles, I gather the best voice talent, writers, researchers, producers, and engineers from the entertainment business to create compelling audio that moves people to take action.


real conversations with imaginary people

mini romcoms based on real conversations from my love life

a poo poo platter of my life

a scripted podcast, larry david meets one day at time

Radio Commercials?

If you are looking for Radio or Podcasts Ads then come to the Radio Ranch.

Dates & Mates

Lisa transformed my podcast intro! Her clever and creative insights took us in a direction we never would have thought of on our own. Lisa in an incredible podcast consultant and I highly recommend her work. 

Damona Hoffman

Host & Producer


Lisa helped us make a trailer for our podcast that knew how to generate excitement and get people listening. Her writing and coaching suggestions changed the results for the better and taught us how to write this type of content for ourselves. Well worth it.

Robin Hutson


Repros Fight Back

Working with Lisa Orkin to craft our ad was a real delight. She had so many wonderful ideas for how to make a compelling ad to sell our podcast. Lisa made the entire process smooth and easy and we were blown away by the final ad as it exceeded our expectations. I would full heartedly recommend working with Lisa and will absolutely work with her again in the future.

Jennie Wetter




This is a jam-packed mini-course on how to write audio dialogue for podcasts and radio. Whether you’re writing comedy bits, audio drama, cohost copy, or a scripted podcast this will give you everything you need to know to write and direct audio like a pro.


A 20-day video course to give you a gentle poke to your silly bone to kickstart your creativity. And it’s free there is nothing to lose but your dignity. Silliness is the key to Enlightenment.

Hi, I’m Lisa Orkin

I have been in recording studios as long as I can remember, learning from my dad and mentor Dick Orkin and eventually working alongside him as the Creative Director for his company the award-winning Radio Ranch.

I have over 25 years of experience in copywriting, scripting, audio production, voice acting, teaching and speaking in both traditional and digital media.

And I have also worked in the world of indie filmmaking making as a writer, actor and producer. Making award-winning films with the likes of Adam Mckay, Shira Piven, and Dweezil Zappa. 

And all this in a tutu and checkered Vans.

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